AGICO’s 60TPD Wheat Flour line to Be constructed In Mexico by the End of 2013

A Mexican client visited Agico Group on May 8th, 2013. Despite the cold, rainy weather, Sebastian’s enthusiasm was rather high. He wanted to buy a 60TPD wheat flour line to produce bread. He checked part of our unit equipments, such as the vibrating separator, scourer, milling machine, grinder, etc. And he paid special attention to an 80TPD and a 250TPD wheat flour line.

1)Unit Equipment. Sebastian checked the producing flow of our machines and asked about the detailed data: he spoke highly of workers’ wonderful job and the elaborate machine quality.

2)80TPD wheat flour line. As the capacity of 80TPD wheat flour plant is similar with his target products, Sebastian paid much attention to the design. He carefully asked about the function of every single machine. Sebastian had a very active and detailed talk about the processing flow with our Sales Manager and Engineer whenever he had any questions. During this visit, the layout and installation site of the 60TPD raw material storage and the finished product was confirmed.

3)250TPD Wheat Flour Line: This line has a relatively large scale. A new design with a more complete and automatic processing flow is displayed.

This Mexican client brought some popular local wheat and flour to our company for reference. And we also send him some flour sample from 80TPD plant. He showed a great interest during the visit and agreed to start the construction of the production line by the end of this year.

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