Food Fair Anuga 2013


Agico Group Inviting You to Taste the Future                                                                       thumb_foodfair2013_1


Agico is going to attend the Anuga 2013 Fair, and now is inviting you to taste the future together. The Anuga is the world′s leading food fair for the retail trade and the food service and catering market, which has already developed into largest and most important gathering place for the food and beverage sectors world widely.


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Anuga 2011


As for the fair, Agico Group as one of the China’s well-known dried fruits manufacturer and supplier takes it as a chance to serve the world people to taste the Chinese flavor. On the fair, we are going to exhibit series of dried fruits and nuts. Now we have fully prepared to cater your eyes and business.



Agico dried fruits

Now we are ready! And how about you? Will you take part in the 32nd Anuga Fair, in Cologne from 5th to 9th October 2013? If you do, please meet us at HALL 1.D039-1 because we are going to bridge your needs!


Agico Group

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