With Gemco Mobile Pellet Plant Volchenk will Get Started in the Biomass Business

Volchenk, a Ukraine businessman who specialize in furniture business, visited Agico Group from May 7th to 10th, 2013 in order to start his biomass pellet making business with Gemco Mobile Pellet Plant.

Volchenk intended to make use of the grain stalks, wood shavings, etc and start his biomass energy business by producing high quality pellets, a kind of green energy. After discussing about the project around one month with the working staff of Gemco, one subsidiary of Agico group’s, Volchenk decided to conduct an international field study and fly to Anyang on May, 7th, where Agico Group’s headquarters are located. It was an interesting journey with great achievements.

The small scale pellet mill and the large scale pellet production line were of great interest for Volchenk. During the visit at Gemco’s workshop, he asked some specific technical questions and had a deep discussion with our engineers and technical staffs on the mobile pellet plant. In addition, a trial run on the pellet mills and hammer mills was conducted, which made Volchenk more confident about starting his own biomass business.

With the considerable arrangement of Agico Group’s staff, Volchenk’s three-day stay in Anyang was fruitful in learning about Gemco’s mobile pellet plant and Chinese lifestyle. He took part in the wedding party of Darren, one of our colleagues, getting to know more about our traditions, Chinese cuisine and Chinese people. He also visited the Chinese Writing Museum and bought some Chinese gifts. Hopefully Volchenk’s visit will also help to establish new ties with our Ukrainian friends.

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